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RAPC Systems has created the View-190TM technology, with the aim of producing real-time low-distortion video images with an amazing field of view that is greater than 180 degrees.

As part of RAPC System's continual passion for pushing the technology beyond what is currently possible, the View-190TM has already achieved a field of view that has gone well beyond 180 degrees.

A field of view of an amazing 220 degrees (at 60 frames per second) has already been achieved. And the resulting image has minimal image distortion. This provides a more realistic appearance that translates to an enhanced, more accurate, more productive viewing experience.

The ability of the View-190TM technology to capture more than 180 degrees horizontal field of view eliminates the Blind-Spots associated with conventional video cameras.

Even more importantly for viewing experience, View-190TM automatically performs image distortion correction in real-time. There is no noticeable delay between live action and the corrected image. The resulting low-distortion image is much easier to view.

So where does this make a real difference?

Essentially anywhere wide-angle video cameras are employed and high resolution, undistorted, accurate wide-angle viewing is important. This includes the transportation industry (planes, trains, automobiles, buses, high-speed lines etc) and the security industry (airports, casinos, restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, theatres and in the home).